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Free download promotion for The East Horizon on Amazon. Go and down the ebook!


Happy Valentine to all my readers!

Dear Francis and Claire Underwood: Although I despise you in the most complicated ways but yet I am looking forward to see you in season 3 on 2/27.

One week going live with the blog – over 1,500 views from USA, UK, Ireland, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada and Ukraine. Thank you for your support and sharing the blog link. Keep reading, the story about to get more interesting.

WOW, thank you all for reading. The traffic on this site is encouraging.

Are anyone out there reading this? Don’t know but I post the following message on my own Facebook.
You may be surprised or not. To read or not to read. To share or not to share.
But, THE EAST HORIZON is ready to meet the world and for you to read on www.theeasthorizon.wordpress.comBig shout out to the best editor in the world Krista Bezzant. Without her, THE EAST HORIZON will be forever hiding somewhere in the computer hard drive. I am proud to introduce you to Chandler, Ella and Mr. Butler! Of course, can’t forget about Adriana, her real life partner in crime Erica Weishaar


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