About The Story

“Come home with me, Ella. The moon. Anywhere.” Chandler said.

“But love is never enough, Chandler” said Ella.

“Chandler, love is a luxury. For us, love is obligation, and marriage is between two families, not two individuals. That is how I understand.” said Mr. Butler.

The old, faithful Chinese servant Mr. Butler spent his life trying to keep everything the way it had been. But Chandler, the young heir of his family’s business empire, was not following the script that had been set for him before he was even born. Mr. Butler and Chandler are eternally at odds, with lives of the past and the present working to undo unintended consequences and maintain the family tradition.

Falling in love with Ella Page while studying at UCLA was the only constant on Chandler’s mind. But his naive and selfish ideas about his love affair with Ella will uncover the secrets and lies of his life and family. Will they be able to pick up the pieces, or will they fall apart?

About Authors

By K. Mac –

I was once told by my great grandmother, “If you are lucky, you will have a guardian angel appear to help you in every important phase of your life.”

And I found mine when this story began to form in my head. K. Bezzant was the guardian angel who guided me in the making of The East Horizon. Without her, the story would never have become the book.

Finally, this book is for you, ma and pa. I did remember.

By K. Bezzant –

I’ve loved working on this book, seeing the story come to life, and helping K. Mac’s dream become a reality. What started as a random phone call became a friendship that has changed my life for the better. This story was written through job changes, pregnancy, becoming a new mom, moving, and everything life could throw at us in between.

This book is for my own little seed – my baby co-writer who gave me inspiration, hormones, and the lesson of loving selflessly.

 Thank you

Thank you Tony Chua and Jennifer McIntyre for letting us use your beautiful photography.

Neal Young’s wisdom for the creation of Lab2O.



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